All of Cocoon’s sleep consultants are fully qualified in helping babies and children to sleep through the night.

To enable us to help your baby to get into a sleep pattern it is essential that that the baby is on solids. If you have not had the ongoing support of a night nanny or maternity nurse and your baby is not sleeping well then a consultation with one of our highly experienced night nannies/sleep trainers will give you guidance and the answers to all your questions. Once your baby is sleeping through the night you will notice a significant change for the better in behavior, concentration and daytime sleeping habits.

We provide 3 options and this will depend entirely on your requirements:

Option 1: Consultation and Strategy

We send you one of our highly trained Sleep Consultants who will meet with you for an initial consultation. This will take place in your own home lasting approx. 2 hours. During this time the sleep consultant will gather information from you regarding your child and their current day/night routine. She will then explain their strategy to you which will be tailored to your specific needs. After this initial consultation takes place you will be supported with regular contact at no extra cost.

Option 2: Implementation of sleep training

This option is for you if your baby has already been weaned which usually happens between 4 & 6 months old or perhaps your child has developed a sleep problem and you would rather not implement the sleep strategy yourself. In this case, we will provide you with an experienced Cocoon Sleep Trainer who will spend between 3-5 nights or a series of 24 hour shifts with you to implement the sleep training strategy.

Option 3: Video call consultation

If you prefer to discuss your sleep training requirements via a video call we have various sleep trainers who offer this service.

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