Here at Cocoon UK, we have carefully chosen to partner with a selection of highly experienced experts/companies that we believe to have the best knowledge, expertise and resources in their field. 

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Anita’s List

Anita’s List is a family-run business that, for over 27 years, has been offering new parents honest and unbiased advice on baby kit and baby-related services. We have helped over 11,500 parents and will be delighted to share our learning, insight and experience with you too.

In the past and in some cultures still, women would be surrounded by other women to help them prepare for the transition to parenthood. It is this ethos which Anita’s List strive to create, offering clients a tried and trusted support network.

Having been in the business for many years, Anita’s List know exactly who to recommend for any baby-related service from photographers to maternity nurses. All you need to do is ask about membership and for a personal introduction.

The Bump Class

Founded in 2013 by sisters Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle, The Bump Class offers what The Times described as “a revolutionary concept”.  Our antenatal classes are packed with information from professionals, experts in their field who not only have a wealth of information but are also great teachers.  Crucially they are also fun, managing to convey sometimes complicated biology and medicine in a way that everyone will understand.

Mindfulness Walking Academy

Combining an optimal walking technique with core concentration skills, Mindfulness Walking helps to calm the mind, energise the body and connect you with nature.

Coach Jo Dunne will teach you how to quieten a busy mind whilst benefiting from an active walking workout. The process is joyful and uplifting and can bring you calm and peace in a busy, stressful world.

Whether you already apply mindfulness to your everyday life or are completely new to concept, Mindfulness Walking brings an extra dimension to both your walking and your mindfulness practice.


We have partnered with lucie to offer you a complete wellness solution within the comfort of your own home. lucie, the app equivalent of a little black book, serves London, The Cotswolds and Ibiza. Lovingly curated, it offers immediate access to the finest experts and therapists in beauty, wellness, fitness and medical, all assembled and ready to come to your door. Their experts come from the likes of Jo Hansford, Bodyism, Six Senses and Bamford etc.

As a client of Cocoon lucie will offer you a dedicated account manager to assist with all your bookings, priority booking and access to VIP events.


Babyem is an accredited training agency, specialising in accredited childcare and maternity nurse training courses for nannies, childminders, maternity nurses and health professionals. Our Maternity Nurse Training Courses are delivered by the UK´s leading Lactation Consultants, Sleep Specialists, Midwives, Health visitors and Therapists, enabling candidates to receive up-to-date information on best practices from trainers with a wealth of practical experience in the field. Babyem also specialises in courses for Ofsted registration.

Bernard Chauchet – Structural and Cranial Osteopath

Bernard Chauchet is a registered osteopath who trained at the University College of Osteopathy where he qualified with a Master in Osteopathy.   He continued his training at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, the largest Paediatric clinic in Europe, where he received the Award In Paediatric Osteopathy, and where he continues to volunteer.

Bernard works in a structural as well as cranial way, which is particularly adapted to treating newborn babies, children and post-partum women. Through gentle and subtle methods, changes are achieved throughout the body by way of releasing stress and tension and restoring balance. It is also very effective at releasing the stresses and strains of pregnancy and birth. It is particularly helpful in presentations involving reflux, colics and constipation, feeding and sleeping difficulties, but also congestion, ear infections or sinus problems. New mothers also choose to see a cranial osteopath to release the stresses of birth.

Amanda Thompson – Private Antenatal Instructor

Amanda is a qualified antenatal teacher and has supported new parents for over 15 years.  Being a mother of 5 herself (2 sets of twins and 1 in the middle – now all young adults), she completely understands how challenging and wonderful parenthood can be.  Amanda’s passion stems from struggling in the early days with loneliness, feelings of being out of control and trying to sift through reams of conflicting information.  She believes that with the right information and guidance, the transition to parenthood can be smooth and enjoyable one!

Amanda understands that every family is unique and that not everyone wants to attend a generic antenatal course.  It may also be that your needs are different and that you are better off with a more tailor-made approach.  You may also prefer to be in the privacy of your own home and that is absolutely fine too.  Amanda is here to help you achieve what is best for you be it face to face (London only) or on zoom.

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