What is an Introductory agency and why we charge a fee for our services?

We do the hard work for you of interviewing, checking the carer has the right to work in the UK, taking up at least 3 professional references and ensuring they have a current DBS. We verify they have the relevant up to date training.

Maintaining an on-going relationship with you to ensure that you remain satisfied with the carer’s services. 

As the carers are self-employed, we do not monitor, train or supervise them. Instead, you have the freedom to decide with the carer how you would like them to support you. We will introduce new carers if additional or replacement carers are required.

How long can the live-in carer stay for?

The carers can be very flexible as are very much led by you. Should you require ongoing live-in care support they will usually commit to up to 8 weeks, sometimes longer.

If you need a carer for a shorter period, the minimum is 2 weeks.

What will I need to provide for the carer?

Wifi/Broadband internet connection. 

  • Carers need to be able to eat the quantity and the type of food which they are used to eating. Some carers have small appetites, others larger, some have food intolerances or strong preferences. They must be able to buy and eat what they usually would in their own homes. There are two ways of making this simple – one is to ensure that their requirements are added to the usual household shopping list, the other is to provide the carers with an agreed amount each week which can be spent on food. If their requirements exceed this budget, they can pay for the difference themselves. Most agencies recommend no more than £40 per week for carer food.
  •  Carers need a clean appealing tidy bedroom with a comfortable bed, adequate storage space for their clothes and belongings. There needs to be hanging space, drawer space and the room needs to be their own as far as possible, with space for their own books or other personal belongings. Ideally the bedroom would be largely free of family belongings and clutter. Bedding, towels plus changes of bed linen must be provided.
  •  Ideally a bathroom or shower room for their own use but of course if you don’t have a second bath/shower room this is not possible! In this case who uses showers and baths at which times needs to be agreed so that everybody has bathroom privacy and free access!
  • Many carers like to watch a bit of television in their time off, while not essential a TV is usually expected. Some carers can watch television online but others who don’t have their own laptops or similar, can’t do this.
Will my carer need time off each day?

A live-in carer will expect to have a minimum of 2 hours off each afternoon (between 2-6).  During this time, they may need to stay in their room to relax or go out to run errands or take exercise.  They will not expect to run errands, go shopping or walk the dog during this time.

Will the carer be able to drive?

If you need a carer to drive you around or run errands for you, a car must be provided.  This car must be available to carers during their time off especially in a remote area as they might need or like to go to a town/shop/meet a friend etc.  Most carers are drivers but very few have their own vehicles.  The carers can always reimburse you at 0.45p per mile if you so wish for using your car in their free time or for their own use. 

What if I need support at night?

If you need the support of the carer overnight, they can be woken up 2 times per night and will charge £15 per night call.  Should you need more support we may need to introduce an overnight carer to provide safe care. 

How many hours will the live-in carer work each day?

10 hours per day plus their 2 hours break each day. 

Do you offer visiting care?

We offer live-in care around the UK, Wales and Scotland.  We do offer day or night care in and around London.  Minimum hourly requirement for night or day care in London is 10 hours per day/night. 

How can I reach you out of office hours?

Our office hours are 9am to 6pm.  If you call our office number 020 3287 4633 out of hours you will be transferred to one of our team.  We will always be available in an emergency.