How Cocoon can help

Night nannies

Get a good night’s sleep! Your Night Nanny will not only care for your baby, but will also guide your child to sleep through the night.

Maternity nurses

A Cocoon Maternity Nurse will stay with you and your newborn child for 24 hours a day for up to six days a week.

Sleep trainers

All of Cocoon’s sleep consultants are fully qualified in helping with any problems and guiding babies and children to sleep through the night.

Super nannies

We have a few Super Nannies that will come during the day to sort out any issues you may have regarding general feeding and behaviour.

Breastfeeding counselling

Cocoon UK has chosen to work alongside one of the most revered experts in Breastfeeding; Clare Byam-Cook who is a trained midwife and nurse. 

10 tips to help your baby sleep well

Babies who sleep well are happy and contented. Babies should be in a good sleeping pattern by the time they are six months old.

The founder of Cocoon, Louise Moxon battled with postnatal depression (PND) following the birth of both of her children. After the suffering that she and those closest to her endured during this time, she realised the importance of being able to rely on nannies qualified in postnatal depression.

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