A Cocoon Maternity Nurse will stay with you and your newborn child for 24 hours a day for up to six days a week.

Our Maternity Nurse Service

Your Maternity Nurse can be booked for placements of two weeks up to 8 weeks. (Longer periods can be negotiated with Cocoon)

Cocoon’s advice would be to book a Maternity Nurse for 4-6 weeks to receive the maximum benefits. The maternity nurse will develop a 24 hour routine for your baby focusing on effective feeding and sleeping patterns and ensuring that the new baby settles quickly and easily into your family.

The maternity nurse will be responsible for cleaning the baby’s room and doing all the baby’s laundry. She will have extensive knowledge in how to look after you, making sure you get adequate sleep and that you are eating and drinking well. A Cocoon Maternity Nurse understands and is able to offer support and advice where applicable on all aspects of postnatal depression and baby blues.

Below is just some of the feedback that we have received:

Louise has bee a lifeline for me, and I can honestly say that the twins have only made it through their first six months thanks to the extreme care she has taken in finding the right people to help us. We’ve been sent a mix of night nannies and maternity nurses by Cocoon and they have all been fantastic.

Kate, South West London

Everything feels very positive now. I’m enjoying every second being a Mum and family life is just what it should be with Stephi and Seb. All of which would not be the case had it not been for the loving care of Karen. We thank you a million times over for introducing her into our lives. Thank you for all your advice and support. I am not sure where I would be now if we hadn’t made that call to Cocoon.

Hayley, South West London

Mandi has been an absolute lifesaver, without her I would not be successfully breast feeding my son. My baby is hungry and impatient, but with Mandi’s encouragement and guidance, we went back to basics and I learned how to feed the baby well, both night and day. She is worth her weight in gold, and I will never forget the help and support she has given me and my family.

Fiona, North London

Having given birth to our beautiful bundle of joy it was very unfortunate that my wife had to endure a difficult post partum period and the after effects of emergency surgery. We were in desperate need of help. Miraculously, Louise and her agency Cocoon were able to source somebody almost immediately and clearly paid close attention to the sort of person we needed. Louise placed a lovely residential maternity midwife with us for a month. We applaud Louise’s focus, understanding and diligence and would certainly recommend her and her company to anyone with maternity needs.

Mr and Mrs Sarkar, North London

I have found the service offered by Cocoon to be extremely professional, but also very caring and friendly – a winning combination. Louise offered a clear-headed approach to finding the right maternity nurse (she didn’t swamp me with lots of CV’s, but cherry picked a few that she felt were the right fit), and she did, indeed, find me exactly the right person. In fact, Wendy was so lovely and fitted in so well with our family that we have asked her to return to look after baby number 3, all being well. I would not hesitate to recommend Cocoon to friends and family, and often do.

Sara, North London

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